Position title
Experienced Project Lead for E-commerce

We are looking for 5 experienced hard-willed MALE candidates to launch different projects of the company. These set of individuals shall enjoy the highest position within the organization just below the management. The candidate must be able to deal with any assigned project by deciding an approach, listing the tasks, allocating and supervising them, and driving the project to its logical conclusion.

-Pick up any necessary project within the organization example as: Seller enrollment program, Drop shipping, Digital marketing, etc.

-Decide on an approach to get the total gamut of work done.
-Assigning resources and working on the step-wise tasks.
-Drive it to its logical end.


Responsibilities and Duties: Included but not limited to
-Picking up any single pending project of the organization.
-With the help of the internet and other available means, decide on an approach to complete this project within a defined timeline.
-Finding an appropriate consultant for the know-how, coordinating with the consultant, and implementing the suggested tasks.
-Break this project down into small steps in the company’s intraoffice software.
-Allocate various resources.
-Supervise the whole project as one.
-Complete it logically.


Key Skills:
-Must be able to understand and communicate in the English language
-Enthusiastic and energetic
-Fast with accuracy
-Ability to surf the internet effectively without any diversion
-Right approach to the task at hand
-Self training ability
-Having clarity of thoughts
-Able to simplify anything
-Able to clearly explain anything
-The logical bent of mind
-Team player
-Fast learning capacity with 100% attention
-Problem-solving ability



Any graduate or equivalent.
-1 year minimum relevant job experience desired.
-No technical degree is required.
-No domain expertise required if you possess the key skill sets

Job Benefits

-Two times a day tea and snacks
-Team outing to any part of the country
-Weekly football match, English class, Yoga class, etc.
-Medical insurance


Job Type: Full-time

Salary: ₹20,000.00 to ₹35,000.00 /month


Position: Experienced Project Lead for E-commerce

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Job Location
Date posted
November 2, 2019
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